Before proceeding with that sale be sure to read the following Estate Sale Tips!

1. PLEASE do not feel compelled to “clean up and toss out” ANYTHING before you have a consultation with an Estate Sale Professional. What you may consider to be junk may turn out to be worth a lot of money to someone else! Don’t be embarrassed that Aunt Mary kept everything. In the Estate Sale business, we have two favorite people – the ones who did keep everything and the ones who want to buy it!

2. You can still have an estate sale even if the owner of the items is not deceased – IE: Aunt Mary is moving to an assisted living apartment, she can pick out the things that she wants to take with her and everything else can be sold in an estate sale.

3. Estate sales are sales of personal property. They can, but do not have to, include antiques or collectibles. Items in a typical sale might run from one or two antique items to the newest Kitchen Aid mixer!

4. If you are also selling the home that the potential estate sale items are located in, you do not have to wait to list the property until after the estate sale. Actually, an estate sale is a great way to get a lot of people to see the home – sort of a supersized open house!

5. People have different reasons for having an estate sale. Some are needing to liquidate so that the proceeds can be used to settle the estate, others need to get the house emptied so that it can be sold, while some need the proceeds to help them meet expenses in their new living arrangements. Whatever your reasons are, an Estate Sale Professional can help you reach your goal.

6.  Remember that an estate sale company makes a decision about whether or not they can do a sale for you based upon what is indicated as being included in the sale when they make their initial visit. If you plan on keeping some items or if a relative or other party will be taking some of the items, it is very important that you make that clear on the initial visit and specifically exclude those items at that time. Most estate sale companies have clauses in their contract that state that they have the right to charge you what they consider to be their percentage of the fair market value of any item that is removed from the sale once they have agreed to do the sale. Another scenario is that they could simply decide not to do the sale at all if they feel that the lack of the removed items could jeopardize the success of the sale.

7. You may be worried that you do not have enough items for an estate sale or that you may have too many. Since there are multiple possible time frames for an estate sale ranging from 1 day to several weekends one of them should work for the quantity of items that you need to sell.

8. If your homeowners’ association or condo does not allow on-site estate sales there are other options available including having the sale at a different location or having an online sale so don’t assume a sale is not possible!

Be sure to check out our FAQ page in case you have other questions about having an estate sale.
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