About Blue Gate Estate Sales

For those of you who may be interested in a little more history and information about Blue Gate Estate Sales of Tucson here goes!

The name Blue Gate Estate Sales LLC is brand new but my experience in the business isn’t! Previously I owned antiques and out-of-print books stores in Texas, Colorado and New Mexico. As an adjunct to those businesses I also managed estate sales, held auctions and did appraisals. I moved to Southeastern Arizona about 18years ago and while I was still active in the antique business, selling on eBay and at the Tucson Antiques Fairs, my main occupation was being a Realtor. I did open a small antiques co-op in Saint David where it stayed for 2 years before we moved it to Benson. We kept it open for another year before closing due to the economy (or lack of one!). It was called Oasis Antiques and perhaps some of you were our customers. During this time I also managed several large estate sales although I was not actively trying to promote that business.

Besides the knowledge that I have gained throughout my years in the antiques business, I also have been a lifelong horsewoman and as a result am quite knowledgeable about tack, tools and farm and ranch equipment as well. This can come in handy in a town as full of horses as Tucson!

About three years ago I did an estate sale in far Northwest Tucson and that was when I became convinced that I definitely wanted to get back into the business full time. I realized how much I missed the interaction with the buyers, most of whom came all 3 days of the sale, and especially the gratifying feeling of being able to help our client get through what was potentially an overwhelming period in her life.

Another aspect of the Estate Sale business which appeals to me and which also applies to the antique business is that they are both essentially recycling businesses! It provides me the opportunity of making a living while doing something that helps the earth we live on. Along with that line, this website actually has a POSITIVE footprint because it is being hosted by Greengeeks which replaces the energy it uses with 3 times the equivalent in wind energy!

 Over time things change and the Estate Sale Business is going through a time of change and we have to change with it. The reason for this is that the market for used furniture, china, glassware, etc is currently very soft. Since we don’t have any control over the market and we don’t want to disappoint our clients we are forced to turn down some sales which, in our opinion, may not have enough saleable merchandise to warrant having a sale.

We do offer no obligation consultations and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please give me a call 520-221-1324. Also be sure to check out our Estate Sale Tips and FAQ pages.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!